Privacy Policy

The security of our customers is one of our top priorities at, which can be accessed at This privacy statement describes the types of data that collects, registers, and uses.

The definitions provided in the Conditions of Use will apply to the terms stated below.

The information that is collected, used, and disclosed about You as a result of Your interactions with Us or Your access or use of this Site is described in this Privacy Policy. You accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement by using this Site, whether you came to it directly or through another Site. This Policy will apply to this website. Any website not owned by us that is linked to or associated with this Site is not under our control, nor are we liable for its privacy practices or content.

We value children’s inherent dignity. It is not appropriate for us to intentionally or knowingly obtain private information from kids younger than thirteen. You have previously stated and guaranteed that you are either 18 years of age or that you are using the Site with parental or guardian supervision elsewhere on the Internet. Please rely on a parent or guardian to help you if you are under the age of 13, and do not provide us with any personal information.

Processing of data :

We collect data about you on this Site in a number of ways.

Registration and ordering process

Before you can use any portion of this site or make purchases, you will need to finish an online registration process. You will be required to give us with certain personal information during the registration process, such as your name, billing and shipping address, phone number, email address, gender, and credit card number. In order to comply with applicable rules and regulations, we may additionally ask you for your country of residence and/or the nation in which your firm is based. These types of personal information are utilized for internal marketing campaigns, order fulfillment, order fulfillment, order fulfillment, and communication with you regarding the Pages and your order. If there is a problem processing your order, your personal information may be utilized to contact you.

Data that we obtain automatically

Every time you visit, utilize, or communicate with us via the Internet, we may also automatically collect information about you, including: 

Transaction Records: Every time you purchase or return a product, we get details about the sale, including the product’s specifications, the selling price, the date, and the place of sale.

Log Information: We gather data about how you use our internet properties, such as the kind of browser you’re using, how often you access them, the pages you view, your IP address, and the website you were on before moving to this area.

Device Information: We collect data about the computer or mobile device you use to use our services, including the kind of hardware you use, the operating system and version you use, unique device identifiers, mobile network information, and the websites you visit.

Location Details: If you consent to the gathering of this information, we may be able to determine the precise location of your device. Every time you visit this site, we may also be able to determine where you are roughly.

Information Collected by These files and Other Following Technologies: We may collect data concerning you and your use of this Site, including specifics about your browsing habits, purchases, and other interactions with the Services, by using cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies. The forms described in the “Use of Information” section below describe one or more ways that this information is used. Although many web browsers are set up to allow cookies by default, you can typically modify your browser’s setup to remove or reject cookies.

Information that we obtain from other channels

In addition, we are able to compile data about you from outside sources and merge it with the information we already have. If you use the login from your social media consider to access this site, for instance, or if you make certain content and details, like images, videos, and personal details publicly available, we may collect data from third-party sources, including age group and change-of-address information.

Usage and collection of details

Internal usage

Your personal information is used by us to handle your order and to give you customer service. Your personal data may be utilized internally to improve our site’s functioning and content, to expand our outreach, to support our own marketing initiatives (such as promoting our products and services to you), and to identify general market trends about this site’s users.

Communications to you

To communicate with you regarding this location, your orders, and delivery, we will utilize your personal information. When you sign with us, we will even send you an email confirming your approval. On rare circumstances when it is necessary, we might send you a service-related notification (such if we have to temporarily stop providing maintenance). Your email address may also be used to register for competitions or sweepstakes, or to subscribe to email updates and exclusive deals. We will use your email address to send you the information if you send it. You are still welcome to choose not to receive any more communications from us. You are unable to unsubscribe from receiving emails about your orders, as we will still be consulting with you over any orders you choose to place.

External usage

We don’t sell, rent, exchange, warrant, or disclose your personal or financial information to anybody else, unless specified below.

We may divulge information to outside parties who perform special tasks on our behalf. But only the information necessary for them to carry out their operation would be made public.

In order to complete your orders, we must give your credit card number to financial processing companies, such as credit card issuers and handlers. We would only provide your credit card number to third parties after employing industry-standard security measures, such as data encryption.

Personal or financial data may be disclosed in response to legal requests made by law enforcement officers conducting investigations, or in any other situation where disclosure is mandated by statute. When it comes to protecting our civil rights, upholding our agreements, enforcing our terms and conditions, or protecting others or ourselves, we will also divulge confidential data.

While We will not, in the course of Our regular business operations, sell (or swap, or rent) publicly identifiable information to other parties. Nonetheless, it is possible that We could buy, merge with, or be bought by another company, or that We might sell any or all of Our assets. Your private information might be disclosed to another organization if this happens, but it might be restricted by the privacy policy in effect.

We may share non-personal data with outside parties, such advertising partners, such as the quantity of orders placed on a given day or the number of frequent visitors to a specific website. The data does not specifically identify you or any other person.

Protection of data

We take the necessary safeguards, including technical, financial, and bodily ones, to keep you safe from harm, fraud, abuse, exposure, alteration, and uninvited intrusion.

Opt Out / Modifies

In response to your request, we will: (a) update or modify your personal data; (b) stop using your email address for correspondence; and/or (c) remove your account in order to deter future use of it. You can contact us by email at with these inquiries.

Please refrain from emailing any private data, like your credit card number.

Usage and Dissemination Offline Set

Information can also be gathered offline. All offline material will be handled in accordance with this Policy. Someone getting in touch with us to place an order or ask inquiries is one instance of this. We can only request the personal data necessary to place a purchase or respond to inquiries when someone phones. We will enter information into our database if it has to be stored (such order details).

 Alerts to the Policy

If We make any modifications or updates to this privacy notice, We will make sure you are completely aware of which data We collect, use, and disclose by posting the updates and changes online. We strongly advise you to periodically review this document to see if the Privacy Policy has undergone revisions or modifications. To address any questions you may have regarding the Policy, send us an email at